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Virgin Hyperloop One: The Momentum is Building

A couple of months back, we focused on Virgin Hyperloop One, the fascinating transportation endeavor with the incomparable pedigree of none other than Elon Musk and Richard Branson. If merely mentioning the names of today’s undisputed high commanders of innovation and technology isn’t enough to seize your attention, consider the indirect benefit. If you were among the best and the brightest in computer engineering, mechanical design, motor systems, or rocket technology… for whom would you choose to work? The obvious answer: Musk and Branson. Indeed, Virgin Hyperloop One attracts the “planetary masters of their art”. The ever-growing team of the the world’s elite specialists in these fields puts this company in a remarkably advantageous position as it rapidly advances the science of propulsion. Virgin Hyperloop One is like the Avengers of transportation technology: the assembly of unmatched talent in niche disciplines with a common objective is producing astounding results.

 The funny thing is, as Hyperloop creates the future in rail travel, they do so with technology that’s actually pretty old at its core. Vacuum technology has been around for more than a century. In fact, the central principle behind zipping sleek people-filled pods through magnetized underground tunnels at speeds approaching 700 miles per hour was kicked around in the late nineteenth century. Back then, a British engineer by the name of Brunel spent time experimenting with using compressed air to propel carriages. Hyperloop’s cream-of-the-crop innovators are simply taking that to a 21st Century level, with the objective of rendering most of today’s travel options obsolete.

 The pods in these tubes will travel faster than today’s commercial aircraft, and with the frequency and convenience of a typical subway system. What’s more, the enclosed environment makes the pods safer than traditional rail travel and immune from weather complications. The magnetic levitation technology operating them leaves no “carbon footprint”. Ticket prices will be held low thanks to the ability to accommodate large numbers of passengers. We ask you: what about this is not to love?

 The company, while advancing its technology with great agility, has been meticulous in its execution. For a few years North Las Vegas has been Virgin Hyperloop One’s showcase and testing grounds. This site, called “DevLoop” is by no means a full-scale demonstration of Hyperloop’s potential. It is only 500 meters long. But, as the scene of the world’s first Hyperloop test employing all the necessary technological components two years ago, DevLoop has profound significance. Think of it as Hyperloop’s Kitty Hawk. Watch this video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLFQlraM5tg] of DevLoop’s construction and engineering… It is truly fascinating.

 Last week, Virgin Hyperloop One took another giant leap forward when they announced a development partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Economic City Authority. The plan is to build a 22-mile test and certification hyperloop track — by far the world’s longest — and to establish a research and development center and Hyperloop manufacturing facility about 100 miles north of the Red Sea port city of Jeddah. Clearly, the Saudis don’t get tangled up in too much red tape when there are advancements to be made. Add this to the Mumbai – Pune route in India, slicing a three-hour train or car ride down to a 25-minute commute, and you really could say that things are heating up.

 As of last May, Virgin Hyperloop One had raised $400 million. That same month, an SEC filing disclosed the company’s intent to raise nearly $225 million in new equity funding, of which $172 million has already been secured. Once again, Elon Musk has captured the attention of some very shrewd and deep-pocketed investors. The bountiful financing and the unparalleled genius behind this enterprise strongly suggest that this company is here to stay. Even though you might not be able to take that 20-minute New York to Boston jaunt for a few years, it is going to happen. It’s too early to buy a ticket, but it’s not too early to start getting excited for this. And perhaps even more exciting is…

 We at Iron Edge VC are proud to have pre-IPO access to Virgin Hyperloop One shares. If you would like to learn more, or if you know of anybody else who would, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking “Get in Touch” below.

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Paul Maguire, Managing Partner and The Iron Edge Team

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