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SpaceX: This is Not Science Fiction

Here at Iron Edge VC, when we want to grab the attention of our current and prospective investors, we simply take one of our cherry red Tesla Roadsters and launch it into orbit, and then wait to see how people will react.

 Wait, what? That wasn’t us? Oh, yeah… It must have been SpaceX. That makes more sense. It is a very Musky stunt, after all.

 The mic-dropping maneuver, as you may recall, took place about seventeen months ago. It was loaded with all of the characteristically unapologetic bravado that one might expect from an Elon Musk enterprise. Musk, a real-life Tony Stark, has never been known to shy away from extravagant displays of awesomeness, and this was no exception. The event took place just a couple of months before SpaceX claimed the #1 spot on the CNBC Disruptor 50 List, and of course that Roadster (driven by “Starman”) is still on its interplanetary journey. The Tesla is expected make countless laps around the sun before its deep-space joyride ends, with an orbit-modeling study performed last year suggesting a collision with Venus or Earth within the next twenty or thirty million years. To satisfy your curiosity, you may track Starman and the Tesla’s progress here. Note: this will undoubtedly be the coolest website you visit today.

 To commemorate the company’s domination of CNBC’s highly eclectic accounting of the world’s most promising companies last year, the network interviewed SpaceX COO and President Gwynne Shotwell. While much of the discussion focused on fluffy stuff like what it’s like to work for Elon Musk, what many observers found to be most noteworthy was Ms. Shotwell’s statement that SpaceX was already profitable, and in fact had already enjoyed “many years of profitability”. She added that the company’s valuation stood at around $28 billion.

 Shotwell also described a project within the company that will produce a constellation of thousands of broadband satellites. SpaceX has its own launch capabilities for these satellites, some of which can be used for navigational purposes by the increasingly expanding Tesla Motor Company. Meanwhile, Tesla lends some of its battery technology to SpaceX satellites. To add even more savvy tech crossover, Musk’s Boring Company, originally intended to dig Hyperloop transportation tunnels, could potentially aid in making Mars habitable to humans, which brings us back to SpaceX. Shotwell stated that this type of “cross-pollination” between different Musk enterprises will be much to her company’s benefit.

 In a more recent development, it was just announced that SpaceX has snagged a major NASA contract. In a truly significant development for the company and a milestone in its continuously strengthening bond with the government agency, the $50 million contract designates SpaceX to study black holes and neutron stars to an unprecedented degree, using its SpaceX Falcon 9. The mission, formally the X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Mission, will take place in 2021.

 SpaceX clearly is not just about sending affluent tourists into orbit. The scalability of this company, and its possibilities, seem as limitless as space itself. Furthermore, SpaceX benefits from the ability to attract the sharpest scientific minds from across the globe, and from its association with all of Musk’s other ventures.

 Iron Edge VC has always been proud to make pre-IPO shares of SpaceX available to our community. While inventory is presently less abundant than usual, we have several resources we can tap into. If you find this to be as intriguing an investment opportunity as we do, please contact us right away by clicking the link below, and we will be happy to make arrangements to provide access through our fund. And, as always, do not hesitate to share this with others who might be interested.

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Paul Maguire

Founder And Managing Partner