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Iron Edge Crosses the Pond

To Our Valued Investors:

Iron Edge VC was founded upon the principle of not only providing the best pre-IPO investments for its investors but doing so in a way that would present distinct advantages that could not be found elsewhere. We are a partnership with, collectively, more than two centuries’ worth of valuable experience in all facets of equities markets. As we founded our business, devoted to taking advantage of the unique opportunities found in taking a stake in the shares of late-stage private companies, we identified some faults in how these transactions were typically executed. Questionable pricing, hidden fees, and ambiguous paperwork were just a few of the impediments to the effective and lucrative qualities that should be present in an outstanding means of portfolio diversification. Our mission, from the beginning, has been to correct that flaw permanently.

The past two years have represented a period of tremendous growth for Iron Edge VC. From the beginning, we had always applied our vast experience toward analyzing a company’s growth potential and placing what we determined to be the prime candidates at center stage. We know how to separate the hidden gems poised to take off from the flashier household names that might yield less impressive return percentages. With these proficiencies in place, we embarked on a tireless campaign to establish and cultivate a vast network of business relationships that would support our pledge to provide the very best to those who entrust us with their investment decisions. We take great pride in our ability to provide access to the world’s finest private companies at the most favorably discounted prices with no hidden fees. The efforts are clearly paying off, and word is spreading. Since the first quarter of 2019, our client base has expanded more than tenfold. We have established several new offices to sustain the increasing business. Even through the oppression one might expect during the pandemic that has impacted so many this year, we have needed to bring on more personnel to maintain our operations smoothly. We are humbled, grateful, and blessed to be thriving under these circumstances.

It is clear to us that we have tapped into something for which there is a great appetite among accredited investors who wish to add some life — and some long-term profit potential — to their holdings. We want to bring our service-oriented brand of pre-IPO investment to as broad an audience as possible. Apart from the obvious benefits of conducting higher volumes of business, doing the right thing for a lot of people who trust us helps us to sleep very well at night. In seeking ways to grow and to bring dynamic opportunities to more investors, the answer seemed obvious. Enlarging our geographic footprint would bring more members into our corporate community. The majority of Iron Edge VC clients are American, but throughout our existence we have also served individuals from other parts of the world. Still, we saw that the international demographic was underserved. We knew that it was time to plant our flag directly into these regions. Today, we are proud to announce the formation of Iron Edge’s newest location, at 23 Austin Friars, London.

London made, by far, the most sense as a locale in which we could spread our wings. Not only had we already had many positive experiences with investors from the United Kingdom, but the city itself and its inhabitants have been a dominant force in global finance for many hundreds of years. London is a preeminent financial hub beyond comparison. We have no doubt that a physical presence in such a place will ensure our continuing prosperity for the foreseeable future.

A wise man once said, “It’s all in the execution”. We knew, for certain, that our best shot at a successful international buildout would reside in assigning the task to a true professional with capable hands and a keen sense of investment strategy. We quickly concluded that the right person for the job was Christos Erics. Through multiple prior deals, we had gotten to know Christos quite well, and his straightforward manner and his acute business acumen never failed to provide evidence of a natural and unparalleled understanding of what our company does. His intuition that conducting oneself with the utmost of ethics and integrity fosters repeat business fits perfectly with our commitment to always placing our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Christos’s talent for research and analysis are the product of fifteen years of hard work and refinement, but his skills surpass those of many who have been at it for three times as long. We are thrilled that he has accepted the role of Iron Edge VC’s Director of European Operations. We are looking forward, with great anticipation, to witnessing the evolution of the Iron Edge London office that Christos has already begun to build.

Fellow Londoner Nigel Little has greatly honored Iron Edge VC by agreeing to come on board as Senior Advisor. Nigel is a towering figure in the financial arena, and he has worked in the City of London in investment banking for thirty-five years. Post-graduation with an honors degree in sciences from London University U.K., Nigel had a career in investment banking, based in London but also being responsible for many business divisions overseas. He started his career as an analyst before becoming head of sales and trading (James Capel & Morgan Stanley International) and then head of equities at NationsBank (became Bank of America) Panmure & Nomura International. It was at these two investment banks where Nigel became highly involved in corporate finance and investment banking. Thereafter, Nigel became President of the U.K. and European business of Canaccord Capital and vice chairman of the global business, where as well as managing he specialized in private equity and IPO situations. Nigel has helped fund or IPO’d in excess of 400 businesses in his career ranging from tech start-ups to multi-billion dollar businesses. He is an active private equity investor. Thereafter, he joined the Advisory Board of Kleinwort Benson Merchant Bank and helped their private equity business before leaving and becoming non-exec chairman of a Canadian registered private pharmatech company. With such an extensive and diverse set of experiences, the benefits that Iron Edge VC will derive from Nigel’s guidance will most certainly be without limit. It is no exaggeration to state that this man’s stewardship will take Iron Edge to an entirely new level of effectiveness, and it will inaugurate our London operations with decisive authority.

Looking back, Iron Edge has much to celebrate regarding the growth and prosperity we have experienced thus far. Looking forward, our excitement is immeasurable and our possibilities are innumerable, thanks in large part to Mr. Erics, Mr. Little, and the opportunities that they are sure to deliver through their efforts and their expertise.

We at Iron Edge VC are proud to have access to a wide variety of private companies’ shares before they go public. If you would like to learn more, or if you know of anybody else who would, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking “Get in Touch” below.  If you enjoyed this article, visit the Iron Edge Blog for past updates on pre-IPO investment opportunities.

As always, shares are available on a first come, first served basis.

All Our Best,

Paul Maguire, Managing Partner and The Iron Edge Team

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Paul Maguire

Founder And Managing Partner