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Introducing Cristhian Palacios

Today we take a break from highlighting individual pre-IPO opportunities to bring our valued clients up to date about some very exciting developments here at Iron Edge VC.

 As you may know, our company is essentially the evolution of a smaller outfit called PTN USA. While PTN USA enjoyed a great many investment-related achievements and quite a few other pride-inspiring milestones, it was determined last year that the time had come to step up the game. This inspired decision paved the way for the birth of Iron Edge VC, LLC. The move would establish some very important distinctions that better enable our talented team to serve those interested in ownership of today’s world-changing late-stage private companies. The most substantial of the initial changes related to the transition was bringing our company to the United States from Bermuda, which significantly augmented the ease and efficiency of our banking and fund administration activities. On a broader level, the advancement of our corporate mission underscored our commitment and dogged determination to strategically scale into a much larger entity… one that would be universally recognized as a leader in the pre-IPO investment arena. This is our game plan for providing unequalled service and support for all who do business with us.

 Now a Delaware LLC, Iron Edge VC’s headquarters flag has been planted in Summit, New Jersey. Over time, the company experienced brisk but controlled growth, and seized an opportunity to expand by opening an office in Hackensack, New Jersey. The momentum established during the PTN USA years combined with the fresh enthusiasm that comes with change and innovation, and soon Iron Edge was hawkish in its quest for more and better development opportunities. And today, we proudly announce our most recent accomplishment in that effort.

 We are thrilled and honored to tell the world that Cristhian Palacios has joined our team as President and General Partner. Cristhian not only adds depth and experience to our talented group, but he also brings with him an insightfulness and a wisdom that will greatly benefit all our clients.

 From our website:

 “With more than 22 years of Wall Street experience, Cristhian Palacios has vast experience in managing and raising funds for investments ranging from stocks to bonds to private equities and beyond. The diversity of Cristhian’s experiences within the broader sphere of the financial industry has equipped him with an impressive understanding of the trading mechanism. Furthermore, most of Cristhian’s industry experience has taken place within the context of leadership roles. While working at numerous brokerage firms, Cristhian has been entrusted with the vitally important task of training key strategic associates. All of this has combined to form a professional persona characterized by the utmost proficiency, integrity, and attention to clients’ needs.

 In the most recent phase of his career, which he continues to perfect today, Cristhian has become one of the leading authorities in researching and trading within the rapidly developing field of pre-IPO stocks.

Cristhian believes in “giving back”, and to that end one of his most important personal interests outside of his business is based in the philanthropic activities of making life better for underprivileged children.”

 Our high expectations for Cristhian have been exceeded by a wide margin and to nobody’s surprise. From day one, Cristhian has been applying his very special touch to all aspects of our operation. With a herculean work ethic and an unmatched level of integrity, Cristhian is already an irreplaceable part of Iron Edge VC.

 We are excited about a few other innovations at Iron Edge. We have a brand-new website: please check it out here. You will thank yourself if you do. The new version results from the tireless efforts of our incomparable web design team and input from a wide cross-section of Iron Edge partners, employees, and clients alike. Also, we would like you to follow us on Twitter so we may keep you on top of our pre-IPO universe!

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Paul Maguire

Founder And Managing Partner