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Our team of seasoned professionals, with the support of our dedicated research group, will make certain that you are a qualified investor apprised of all of that you need to know about our offerings. Once approved, you will be supplied with everything you need to be fully informed.


You will be provided with a link so that you may go online to complete the required questionnaire, tax form, and (in some cases) other simple administrative documents. At this point, we will ask you to also submit the required forms of identification needed for “Know Your Customer” and “Anti Money Laundering” purposes. Subsequent investments will only require a Signature Page.


Wrap up your pre-IPO investment when you provide your Capital Commitment. With our easy-to-follow wiring or check submission procedures, you will secure your place among an exclusive group of pre-IPO shareholders.

1. Premium service

At Iron Edge, we are dedicated to forging professional relationships that last a lifetime.

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2. Proven track record
on prior investments

Our team works endlessly to generate a positive ROI for your pre-IPO offers, it's as simple as that.

Slack (WORK), Purchase: $14.00 IPO: $26.00 Release: $38.50 %6 Change: 175.00% Value
Spotify (SPOT), Purchase: $82.00 IPO: $132.00 Release: $165.90 % Change: 102.32% Value
Lyft (LYFT), Purchase: $16.00 IPO: $72.00 Release: $87.33 %6 Change: 445.81% Value
Pinterest (PINS), Purchase: $7.00 IPO: $19.00 Release: $23.75 % Change: 239.29% Value
Palantir (PLTR), Purchase: $5.00 IPO: $7.25 Release: $25.17 % Change: 403.40% Value
AirBnB (ABNB), Purchase: $55.00 IPO: $68.00 Release: $146.00 % Change: 165.45% Value
SoFi Technologies (SOFI), Purchase: $4.88 IPO: $12.20 Release: $20.89 96 Change: 328.07% Value
Amplitude (AMPL), Purchase: $37.00 IPO: $35.00 Release: $50.00 % Change: 35.13% Value

3. Secure investment

Your security is our #1 priority, from the complimentary consultation
to your first pre-IPO, we'll take care of you.

Past Pre-IPOs


+ 255.65%

+ 1305.63%

+ 733.0%

+ 387.0%

+ 100.0%

+ 476.0%

+ 1218.75%

+ 328.07%

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